Brevik stated that he views his D2R Items type as one that has lots of room to expand and evolve with time. Brevik believes he can see elements from both joining to create an entirely new type of gaming that's more social focused, where players work together to defeat bosses from the raid and other co-operative elements. He claimed that Gazillion attempted to create a bit of this in Marvel Heroes, but unfortunately that game was shut down towards the end of the year.

With Diablo commemorating its 20th anniversary the various games of Blizzard are marking the occasion by presenting their own versions. Plans previously revealed for World Of Warcraft's celebration weren't as clear as the others, and now we're beginning to gain an understanding of why.

Over on Reddit, user TimFromTheBeach shares the discovery of a secret cow level in Diablo. It's a secret area in Diablo. is a long-running joke from Diablo. Even though tooltips suggest that such a fact, players could find ways to access a particular area in Diablo where they'd have to fight an axe-wielding bipedal cow.

Diablo's version appears to work in a fairly faithful manner. In the spirit of Diablo, Diablohead reports you'll have to track down the treasure goblin in order to defeat it in order to complete the feat. Once you've entered the portal that it has created that will send you to a place that is home to killer cows, including The Cow King. Killing this enemy drops an exclusive toy that can be used to reward you with the Diablo d2r items for sale anniversary achievement. To add a touch of sexiness, the toy has the ability to cool down for 66 minutes in 6 seconds. You can watch a portion footage of it above.