"A good litmus test for me is always when I madden nfl 23 coins watch television or radio interviews I'm inclined to close my eyes, and pay attention to the voice and be able to discern the answer" Leaf said on a Cleveland radio show as transcribed for the New York Post. "I always say, "If it sounds like the 1998 version that was aired by Ryan Leaf, there's definitely an alarm that needs to be raised there.'"

Leaf has done a remarkable task of becoming an inspirational role model in recent times. He preaches sobriety on his Twitter account , and mentors young adults as an ambassador of a Transcend Recovery program.

So it's easy to see how his assertion that Mayfield is an issue that should be flagged will be a big hit with some people.

It's not a secret that Mayfield is self-assured. Because he's a shorter quarterback all odds have been in his favor He knows that.

"I can throw any ball," Mayfield said at the Madden NFL 23 Combine via Cleveland.com. "Winning is what's most important, but I've also been in a position to motivate my teammates around me to participate, not only the offensive players around the 10 guys, but also the special teams, defensive players. My energy to the table, my passion, it's infectious. It's possible to ask anyone member of that Oklahoma staff. I'm bringing that to the table."

Here's Leaf from a 2017. blog post on the Player's Tribune:

Congratulations. You're officially blessed with everything -- money, power and prestige. All the things that are important, right? In the evening you'll be aboard a private jet for Las Vegas to pull a joyful all-nighter, while sportswriters in San Diego write columns that pair your name with"savior. "savior madden 23 coins cheap ." As you go through them and be thinking, Savior ... that sounds about right.