Cells At Work!! kicks off with a new season in the series, and it’s time for some cute and adorable platelets to heal our wounds again. 

Note: The following contains spoilers for Cells At Work!! Season 2, Episode 1.

Cells At Work!! is undoubtedly the most precious show about human biology. Especially the personification of human platelets, which are responsible for creating blood clots to stop bleeding. Cells At Work!! is the exaggerated representation of cells in human biology, and they are represented by human-like characters that perform different tasks as their day-to-day job.

The first season featured many wholesome characters, including white blood cells, red blood cells, and the adorable platelets. What made Cells At Work!! successful is the character design of young platelets represented by cute kindergarten children, carrying blood clot material, and wearing side tote bags. The show instantly became a hit, and its success gave the creators enough confidence to release a sequel for the 2021 anime list.

Cells At Work!! Season 2 walkthrough

The second season starts with a newly recruited platelet who struggles to keep up with the rest of the team. While the platelet is new to the job, his constant effort to help other body cells is adorable. White Blood Cell U-1146 is the tall and handsome guy that every Red Blood Cell wants to talk with, but since their job requires them to be on patrol 24/7, the cute and friendly Red Blood Cell AE3803 is unable to meet him. Backward-Cap, a young platelet, makes the situation awkward as his clumsiness makes White Blood Cell alarmed about a false crime scene. This situation reminds White Blood Cell U-1146 of his encounter with AE3803 when she got lost inside the human body and asked for his help. Backward-Cap is the new trainee who happens to be lost in the same manner as AE3803. Backward-Cap meets White Blood Cell U-1146, who again helps him get back to his platelet team.

In an attempt to get stronger, Backward-Cap trains alone to overcome his agile psyche as among the platelet team’s old members, he is the only one that lacks strength and speed. The adorable naive kid tries his best to overcome his failure and decides to carry twice the amount of coagulation factors. Upon hearing about Backward-Cap’s resolve, U-1146 tells him that his determination will inspire other platelets to work even harder.

The perfect episode

A large wound disrupts the cells’ working and stirs up an earthquake-like situation, making the red blood cells lose their grounds. The earthquake shakes the cells’ world, and strangely enough, the red blood cells hold the wound and call for platelets to help with the recovery. U 1146 takes Backward-Cap to the emergency wound, and they find out that the body received a massive injury on the head. The platelets quickly came for the rescue and laid out a temporary blood clot to stop the bleeding. Backward-Cap comes into panic as he is unable to make enough blood clots to stop the bleeding. Simultaneously, megakaryocytes, a large bone marrow cell responsible for platelets’ production, yells at them for being incompetent.

It becomes clear by now that the megakaryocytes tactic of yelling at the platelets is not working as the platelets stop working out of fear, and Backward-Cap freezes in time. Megakaryocytes come with another tactic by promising a gold medal to all the platelets to stop the hemorrhage. With the idea of a gold medal in their mind, the young platelets form a temporary blood clot to stop the bleeding. At the end of the mission, the last coagulation falls, and Backward-Cap jumps to save the coagulation. His teammates work together to save Backward-Cap from sinking deep into the body. Megakaryocytes get emotional by the team’s efforts and distribute gold medals to all the cells attributed to the mission.


The medium of Japanese animation is infamous for being weird and super-edgy, but Cells At Work!! proves that imagination needs no boundaries. The show is the perfect example of combining science and entertainment in a cute and adorable manner. The show is suitable for any and every kind of audience and gives a new perspective into human biology through our body cells’ eyes.

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