Folding storage boxes are not the same as collapsible storage containers, which are beneficial in a variety of storage and transportation commercial uses in industries such as automakers, appliance manufacturers, beverage producers, and grocery stores. They are ideal places where space is at a premium and cleanliness is important.

Collapsible storage containers offer advantages for all product sizes, including:

1) Lightweight container for small parts such as electronic components. These are compact bins that can be easily stacked, folded, and stored.

2) Medium-sized collapsible bulk containers for heavier hardware and tools that need strength to hold their weight but still fold flat. Dimensions 32” x 30” are the standard medium size, but they are also available in 25” and 34” standing heights. Collapsed, and they are almost flat.

3) Heavy-duty storage containers are used for bulk commodities. With their footprint-like pallets, these plastic containers are easily picked up and sorted by a forklift. Many automotive and appliance manufacturers use heavy-duty, collapsible plastic containers in their industrial settings. Standard heavy-duty sizes are 32" x 30", 40" x 48" and 48" x 45". Fully unfolded, these large, sturdy plastic containers range in height from 18" to 34" and can stack up to six high even when fully loaded.

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