"We truly wanted to give the opportunity for WoTLK Gold that you can take a trip, spend maybe just 45 minutes, but get a thrilling and replayable experience," Hight said. "The way it's designed is the only person in your group, or up to five people who are in your group, will begin climbing up this mountain that was made to kill you or put an end to you.

"The reason it's replayable is that everything changes each when you play. You could encounter the first stage, and the pathway you grew accustomed to was to the right turns to the left and the traps you're going to have to confront in the first level, whether they're fire or blades, will be completely different. The bosses you will encounter and the spawns you meet and, most importantly, the crazy loop that you'll encounter when you go in there. They're as powers and buffs, and in the event of luck you'll come across some combinations that leave you totally (or even overpowered). You'll be able to completely clear a level, achieve it, and be the leader in your friends, and then walk to the next level and see a completely different arrangement."

The shifting nature of Torghast's realism also applies to the things you'll see on your way. The tower is filled with buffs and power-ups you'll earn that last only for certain runs, much like the items and power-ups that found in a Rogue-like game. It sounds fundamentally different as any other World of Warcraft activities because, by design, it's not focused on balancing your abilities against the foes you'll encounter.

"One of the possibilities is to in fact, play with the guidelines of what you believe. What we've assumed, WoW is," Cash stated. "Normally you'll be getting gear and it could include an incremental power increase, and over time you're likely to receive a lot of those, and then you'll slowly increase your strength. The game in Torghast offers the intriguing possibility that lurks in the ever-changing layouts and monsters and traps, what would happen if we give an upgrade that can double your power in a matter of seconds? And that combos with another another thing and another thing, so that you're able to explode enemies. Then, as they explode they can then chain blow up other enemies. And those enemies help you heal. These crazy combinations, and you'll require these buy WoTLK Classic Gold combinations to take on the more powerful levels."