You're really near 99 fishing, and it is RS gold going to only be trained quicker as you get it higher! So, maybe do some barbarian fishing or dwelling rock caverns to receive that cape. Woodcutting is quite easy and quick up until about the eighties, then I started to slow down to maybe a level every week. Here's a really short guide to reveal the fastest levels you can get:

1-15 Basic trees south of this ge, either sell into the ge, cut to unstrung bows and sell to general shop, or burn the logs. Sell them to the ge, cut into unstrung bows and sell to the general shop, or burn the logs. Get an adamant hatchet and place a rune one and a dragon hatchet to the bank for later. 31-68 Cut willows in Barbarian assult. Burn them, or drop to get around 20k longer wc exp a hourbut shed an enormous quantity of fm exp. Switch into dragon hatchet if you get 61 wc. 68+ Cut ivy at any place you want to, and wear a rabbits foot necklace. Be cautious of bird nests.

I make about two mil per day merching p2p. I currently have 38 mil money that I merch together and I have a net worth of about 40-42 mil. I wan na na learn better strategies. I'm not asking what your items are, but the way you go about merching. What sectors do you focus on? How long or short are your investments? Do you reverse? How long do you hold a flipped item? I will start...

that I merch things with high purchase limitations (10k-25k). I almost alway flip. I focus on foods, runes, and pots. I monitor a few items that I know crash every so often and make money off this also. I am constantly switching expensive weapons and armours that I use in order to keep my money and make more occasionally. Ie marketed my bgs until it buy rs gold paypal crashed to 8 mi, sold my fury before it crashed, then bought one for 13 mil and sold it about for 14.5 mil. Bought claws, lent for 1 mil sold and total. Since weapons and armours are usually in a continuous spiral down, its great to do things like this.