I currently make about 2 mil per day merching p2p. I currently have 38 mil money that I merch together and I have a net worth of OSRS gold about 40-42 mil. I wan na na learn better approaches. I am not asking what your items are, but the way you go about merching. What businesses do you focus on? How long or short are your investments? Can you reverse? How long do you maintain a flipped item? I'll begin...

I merch things with high purchase limits (10k-25k). I almost alway flip. I focus on meals, runes, and pots. I monitor a few things that I know wreck every so often and make money off this also. I am constantly shifting expensive weapons and armours that I use to be able to keep my cash and create more occasionally. Bought claws, lent for 1 mil sold and total. Ever since weapons and armours are often in a continuous spiral down, its good to do things like this.

I cant flip barrows or some other weapon or armour for this matter very well. Tips? I will buy pretty much any product that somebody is attempting to rush market and turn a profit on it. Ie my fury example. I also made 150k off a person rush selling his whip for 1 mil recently. Things like this. My turning time depends on the product's trend. If its moving up, poorly max buy at its current min cost (how I determine max and min costs will be explained below) and then offer them in their max whenever the transaction is complete. Occasionally I buy/sell for 1gp over the min/max depending on the profit margin and how quick I know them to buy/sell.

In the event the item's cost is trending down I will buy for min cost and immediately sell at max price whilst still purchasing at min. My reasoning for Buy RS gold doing this is because if I wait the occasionally 10 mins to maximum purchase a product that's going down, the maximum will decrease in that moment.