Sex Doll develops your sexual position, makes sex more enjoyable, and allows you to orgasm during penetration. Having sex on a soft, comfortable, stylish recliner also allows you to relax and massage each other, which can help you become more intimate. Many couples choose a realistic sex doll to regulate their sex life.

Maintaining your bbw sex doll is just as important as taking care of yourself. Sex Doll is like a real human being, not only the touch and facial features are similar to human beings, but the skin is also close to real people. It will also bleed due to bumping, because, when moving the Sex Doll, please be careful not to bump it, and protect the Sex Doll from being hurt.

To carry the Sex Doll easily, you'd better exercise your body to make yourself stronger and safer when carrying the Sex Doll. Perhaps, when choosing a Sex Doll, choose a lighter-weight Sex Doll, which is easier to maneuver. Silicone doll with real touch and real touch, improved bones to make it lighter. The total weight of the adult size doll head and body is 32kg.

When using Sex Dolls, we tend to get more powerful skills than physical strength. Sex dolls have golden skeletons and joints inside that move like human joints. The outer coating is silicone or TPE, similar to human skin, and adult-sized sex dolls typically have three holes in the vagina, anus and mouth. The internal structure of the hole resembles a vaginal toy.

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