Escort escort of wealthy people to events. Girls are invited as expensive jewelry for clients. For these purposes, well-groomed girls of different types and ages are selected.

Escort Features
Escort work suits relaxed, young women. There are many advantages, but in order to succeed, you will have to study the features and subtleties of the craft.

What qualities of character and habits are welcome at work?

Sense of taste, manners,
compliance with the rules of etiquette.
The ability to quickly find a language with strangers.
Stay close to the customer confidently.
Arrogant escort women do not stay in such work. It is fraught with consequences for both the agency and the lady herself.

An escort model is a smart, purposeful woman who knows how to listen and maintain a conversation at the right time. Addiction habits damage your reputation.

An acute need for nicotine causes irritation and makes it difficult to focus on the quality of the work performed. Alcohol - the cause of the loss of inadequacy, spoils the reputation.

Learn to professionally do makeup, neatly style your hair. Develop friendliness. Discontent and conflict often lead to trouble. Ability to maintain a conversation and remain silent depending on the situation.

When packing your suitcase abroad, do not be too lazy to read information about the customs, rules of conduct and sights of the country.

Regular guests of the agency
Wealthy and burdened business people. More often they order escort to restaurants, resorts, private parties. Entertainment events are held in the evening and at night.

Orders appear suddenly, so learn to pack quickly. You will have to communicate with status people. Some like to command and subordinate. You have to adjust to your manners. Regular customers are elderly foreigners. Intimacy - such services are of the least interest. They came to see the country or to establish a partnership. In order not to be bored, they buy an interlocutor for themselves.

Young bachelors are frequenters of the agency. Representatives of the "golden youth" are eternal seekers of a cheerful girlfriend. Single women in need of a girlfriend.

Working as an escort is a constant work and self-development. Cheerfulness and positive infusion help to achieve success. Get rid of envy and bad habits - these qualities prevent you from achieving your desired goal. Take the surroundings and such decoration of houses for granted.

Observing simple rules, work in the field of escort services will bring unprecedented profits and develop feminine abilities to subjugate a man.

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