"Rattan exudes laid-back elegance and understated relaxation, and is increasingly popular with today's designers" - Rattan: a world of elegance and glamour. Also makes rattan furniture more and more popular!

  Rattan is extremely versatile in both use and style, both through it exuding glamour on wide stately porches and tropical balconies, like the infamous Peacock Chair in royal homes across Europe, but also reflecting an organic, understated Aesthetics, see today's home in it. The malleability of rattan means it can be made into anything, including furniture, baskets, lamps, trays and decorative objects.

  To enhance rattan's natural beauty, pair it with plenty of fresh greenery, floral or botanical patterns, and other natural materials such as linen, wood, jute or wicker.

  To make it look uneven, add contrasting elements in the form of reflective mirrors, glassware, or tin alloys.

  Layering rattan with these textural elements provides contrast and helps create unique and interesting spaces that offer rich visuals throughout your home.

  For inspiration, we'll share our favorite ways to decorate with rattan, while paying homage to some other natural fibers like water hyacinth, seaweed, and jute.

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