Flexible Real-Time Temperature Data Logger

The small and flexible sensor of the real time data logger allows usage in most of the Pharma applications and it can also be used in combination with very small vials.

Single, dual, and 5-channel flexible wireless loggers for use in most pharma applications and in combination with small vials.

The Kaye ValProbe RT Real Time Data Loggers come in many different configurations with rigid, bendable, and flexible sensors. The flexible Real Time Data Loggers are available with Single, Dual or 5 sensor configurations. Each flexible Real Time Data Logger provides 1000,000 samples per sensor of data storage and backup. The flexible Real Time Data Logger comes with a 40 inch flexible Teflon coated extension wire and a stainless tip for protection of the RTD sensor. The temperature range of the Logger is -85C to +140C.

The 5 Sensor Real Time Data Logger is ideal for validation of shelves where 1 logger can provide sensors for the corners and center of the shelf without the cost and space for needing 5 separate loggers. The flexibility and length of the sensor make it ideal for sterilizer drains, SIP applications, penetration studies in vials etc.

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