I risked 20k in wildy now, and OSRS gold got 800k in loot, but still prefer if the equipment wont surpass 2mil. To be fair your a small low to going to Bandos, wait until at least 80+ each battle stat. Ik, however, my friend has almost the very same stats as me. . And I realllllly wanna attempt it. Being a level 134 myself, from experience you'll get wrecked and probably crashed no matter where you go.

Definately perform Eadgars Ruse, for Trollheim teleport, and seriously, get at least 70 defence, and prepare yourself to get crashed withing 5 minutes of entering every time, every world, every team. Hmm, il lvl def for torags... And I do not understand how, if tht was the scenario, my frnd wudn't have gotten tht kinda money... Have you maybe considered your friend lied? LOOL so Correct.

Can this friend perhaps say what combat level she had been when she left all this cash? This is a common response to those 3. It is a he. He showed it to me. . So its a lie. And he's 88cb now (like me). . If he made it until he had been even lvl88 cb that just proves tht I cud do it easily. . I'd prolly train str around 75-80ish. And my def around 70 later. Although training isn't that easy, mainly cuz I get around 2hrs per day online...

Its like my very best choice is to kill 300 cows a day and bury their bones, for 30 yrs for maxed combat + maxed pray. However, I don't wanna wait till im in my late 40s to go for bandos... I do get from 3hrs to 6hrs of rs time on vacations, (except sundays, when I get 2 and a half hrs online.) But I seldom get them even saturdays are functioning days for cheap RS gold me personally. The past 4 days were holidays once I got 4hrs, 3hrs, 2.5hrs, and 6hrs respectivly. Total of 15 and a half hrs online. I spent the first day just playing for fun and powertrained the last 3 days with slayer.