People have long believed in an extraordinary connection between a living person and his image. Medieval sorcerers used portraits in their magical rituals. They allegedly influenced a person, unceremoniously looked into the secrets of his past and predicted the events of the future. The canvas of a talented artist captured not only the appearance, but also the character of the “model” depicted.

Not surprisingly, the belief in the magical properties of the portrait persisted for a long time. It was believed that he could have a strong influence on the fate of a person. In our time, such beliefs have spread to photographs, which are also credited with miraculous properties

How has it become now
Many superstitions, relevant and even partly useful in the past, today become obvious anachronisms and remnants. Realities have changed, which means that human consciousness must also change.

A portrait is captured memory that can bring a lot of pleasant moments to its owner. This is not only an original, but also a universal gift. Women preen in front of a mirror and admire their reflection, so a personal portrait will delight them. Men who are very self-centered by nature will be flattered by their own image

Such a gift can be timed to coincide with any holiday, no doubt, it will outshine the "competitors" and will stand out against the background of good, but quite ordinary presents.

Often, it is understood that the picture will be intended for close people. But, if you look more broadly, then such a status gift is perfect for the boss, director or business partners. For military personnel, the idea of presenting a portrait on the occasion of an award or a high rank can become a wonderful tradition

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