The Ravens announce that they have internal Madden 23 coins removed a staff member suspected to be a fitness training coach for failing to adhere to the rules. In addition, three players have been included on this year's Ravens' Covid list, two of them on the offensive line as well as one defensive player.

Thursday Friday, November 26.

After the game was officially postponed and reports are emerging that additional participants have been tested positivelywhich includes players like quarterback Lamar Jackson. This brings the team's total to seven players legally in the Covid list. Another four who may be positive however, they aren't on the list as of yet.

Ravens' head coach John Harbaugh reportedly tells players that they'll be working remotely up to "Monday at the latest," in contrast to Madden NFL 23's plans that the game will take place Sunday. There are questions as to when the game will be played.

Friday, November 27.

It is reported that Madden NFL 23 informs Friday morning that the game will now shift to Tuesday night, in line with Harbaugh's words to players. So, Baltimore's game on Thursday night against The Cowboys is scheduled for Monday in order to ensure that the Ravens playing two games over two days.

While the game's plans appear to be getting more solid, it's been reported that four players including Lamar Jackson, have been officially added to Baltimore's Reserve/Covid list. This is quickly followed by the Steelers which buy mut coins madden 23 add three players of their own to the list.