The size of the stump in question determines the approach we take to remove the stump. For small stumps, we will 'grub' them out with hand tools and sometimes mechanical winches. Stumps that cannot be removed by hand, will need to be ground out with a machine called a stump grinder. Depending on the depth required can affect the cost and time taken.
Other factors that will affect the quote and the approach we take would include the ability to get access to your garden. For example, a lot of London-based houses do not have rear access to their garden, thus rendering any of our large grinders useless, we, therefore, require the use of our smaller equipment to get through the house safely. The downside to this is the extra time the use of a smaller machine needs to eat through the stump.

Poisoning (alternative option)

For a fee of 30 (small/medium size stump), we can poison a stump so it deteriorates over time and ensures it does not continue to grow. The way in which we do this helps prevent the poisoning of children and animals. We cut a flat slice off of the stump and then drill multiple holes which we hammer in capsules containing the specialist poison. We then take the offcut and screw it down onto the stump to stop the poison from being exposed to pets or minors.

London Stump Grinding

The process of stump grinding is a complex and intricate one; it is the practice of excavating the stump of the tree without removing the root system. A stump grinder is employed in this case to mechanically grind out the stump, leaving fine sawdust as a residue upon completion of the process. The advantage of this root grinding service is that the stump is ground down to your desired height.It is possible to grind as deep as 12 inches underground, or as low as just 1 inch under the soil. Since the stump is ground, eventually it will integrate with the soil. By doing so, the ground level is maintained and the need for additional filling is eliminated.
It is believed that grinding a stump away is one of the best means of removing it. KW Tree Care offers guaranteed root grinding service at a price thats affordable. Tree stumps can be extremely difficult to remove by hand, but we can do it for you with our tools. The machinery we use for grinding down tree stumps allows us to grind your tree stump down below the ground.

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

There are slight differences between stump grinding and stump removal.
Since a stump grinding doesnt remove roots, you cant plant over a new shrub in your area. Stump removal is a tree root removal service which insures the full root is removed from underground. You can think of stump removal as a clean slate in your landscape. Essentially, if you just want to get rid of a tree and you dont have the time or the budget to completely remove it, booking a stump grinding service is what you need.
Whereas, if you wish to completely remove a tree from your landscape and restart it, then a tree root removal service is what you need from us. Getting rid of stumps can come in very handy if you want to achieve a change in your landscaping design.

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