Also, is this something WoTLK Classic Gold that's distinct from main player experience in the game? It's not like an instance or something that you're capable of experiencing it as part of your main World of Warcraft journey?

It's its own world. And how will we make this available, we've never revealed anything yet. We certainly are gonna provide it to our players, but how we're gonna roll it out, how you'll end up returning to the original Azeroth...those details we haven't completely aired out and we haven't made that announcement yet.

Do you see this being an element of a larger WoW sub-game? Do you think this could be a distinct addition?

It's the reason why we haven't talked about much. We definitely have our own opinions on the issue. In the case of everything Blizzard we conduct many internal debates before we decide to commit, and then make an announcement.

World of Warcraft : Rise Of Azshara Update includes Two new areas, and tons of Customization

Blizzard recently announced its new release plan to launch World of Warcraft Classic and a new 15th cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold Anniversary Edition chock full of collectibles for fans of its long running MMORPG. However, the classic game is still going strong also, and Blizzard has also announced the next chapter in World of Warcraft 's Battle for Azeroth expansion, called the Rise of Azshara.