When a company asks itself if it wants customer loyalty or customer quantity, it can be a difficult decision. Some companies will think that having more customers is better, but the truth is that it is not. Look at it this way. If you have one customer coming in and buying a four dollar item from you, it is not better than someone who buys more on a regular basis. A loyal customer may come in on a weekly basis and buy much more, and that means that one loyal customer is worth as many as ten regular customers. Having a loyal customer is a great way to make your business viable. The trick is getting loyal customers and that is where customized martini glasses come in.


Why customized martini glasses you may ask. The reason is that customers want to feel special and when you give them a promotional item, it Asti Martini makes them feel special. They feel like they matter to the company and that means they will continue buying from you. They will feel that the company took the time to buy them something, then they can take the time to buy from the company as a result.


The great thing about customized martini glasses is that you can make them look how you want. A martini glass typically has a long stem and a small cone shaped vessel. The reason there is a long stem is so that your hand does not warm the liquid in the vessel. You can customize the martini glass by changing the color of it, changing the length of the stem and even personalizing it. Personalizing is a big part of customized martini glasses. While you are sure to have your company's name and logo on the glass, not as many companies put the customer's name on the glass. This is unfortunate because it presents a perfect opportunity to create a loyal customer for your company.


When a customer sees a company has taken the time to customize the martini glass with their own name, that means a lot. It means that the company didn't just give away a generic martini glass with their logo on it. It means they gave a martini glass that is personalized. For a customer, that can mean instant loyalty. It is a very important feature to include with any promotional item that you may give away.


If you are going to market your company to customers and you want to create loyal customers, then you need to look at having customers feel they are appreciated. To make them feel appreciated, you need to give them something to show you are grateful for their business. This means promotional items like customized martini glasses. A customized martini glass is something that can mean a lot to your customer, create customer loyalty, and help your company reach other companies thanks to that customer and their martini glass. It is a win-win situation for everyone.