Usp=drivesdk Some interesting points:Creating adamant and rune was RuneScape gold retconned to have always required luminite. Retcons are somewhat lazy, but I'll gladly accept any new lore. Although apparently, we have been producing armours and weapons with harmful defects this whole time! Gielinor has turned into its own Jormmungandr! I wonder if he's still Fenrir's brother. Kindred Sprits spoilersSeems such as Linza really screwed up, having exchanged her spirit for rocks which are up worse than those located in Jastizo. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

Apparently, she figured out how to apply dragon breath manually? With a dragonfire protector, that does not seem too hard, honestly.

My first post was missing so here is a much more condensed version:About Heroes Quest you need to get an Entranan Firebeard Feather. Without ice gloves that a hint is supplied saying you need"something cool" to pick up the gloves. If you ask a monk on Entrana about the firebeard, they say talk to the head monk.1) The high priest on entrana only welcomes the player to the island and does not speak about the firebeard2) The clocktower, ardougne monastery and also edgeville monastery monks don't provide clues eitherI'm wondering how a person is supposed to from the sign"something cool" to"kill the ice queen in the conclusion of a complex cave system beneath white wolf mountain to get ice gloves"I've got two thoughts on this particular:1) The sign dialogue was somehow dropped about the 2007scape reboot 2) evolution supervision, but the execution of the caves and ice queen in precisely the exact same time as the heroes quest WAS the hint (out of game)Google provided no replies, just a reddit out of 2014 with the exact same unresolved question whos_the_head_monk_referred_to_in_the_heroes/The OSRS wiki page on the Feb 27 2002 update which employed the Heroes Quest simply says that the text was pulled in the page due to cheap OSRS gold copywright problems with Jagex. Ergo the update text implemented in the time (and if it contained any hints/references to the ice caves) are missing.