"These kinds of giveaways cannot be allowed since they do not comply with the rules laid out inside the Real World Trading section OSRS Gold. The hosts of these kinds of giveaways will continue to be subject to disciplinary actions against them. Giveaways can only be accepted when they are conducted with good intentions, with simple in their mechanics and free to everyone," the studio stated.

With the promise that comes with a new world and a clean slate economy, the possibility to bring Fresh Start to Old School RuneScape is logical.

A fresh start is a chance to play in the game you're used to and yet get a new economy and high scores. Fresh Start will have some major differences from RuneScape. First of all, these Fresh Start servers will not offer any bonuses for progression that are accelerated. No XP increase or boosts in drop rate, and there's no Ironman mode. Since the team is looking to target the younger players and new players, they decided to make it easy but still fresh. Fresh Start worlds are also free to play.

The Fresh Start areas will receive exactly the same update as the main game, which means the only difference is an improved economy and high scores for players to feel that they aren't years ahead of everyone else. Also, it will give you the chance to introduce your acquaintances with the games without overburdening them.The Team is planning an array of Fresh Start exclusive achievements as the basis for a system of guidance for who are new to the game and want to try it out.

After six months they will shut down and your progress will be transferred to the main game instantly. Your items will go with you runescape powerleveling, quest points, levels of skill as well as high scores you may have earned. You'll also have the chance to try to get any world-firsts prior to your transfer.