Hey potential investor!

Have you packed your bags and are all set to begin your cryptocurrency investment journey??

If yes, then what are you waiting for?

Wait, let me drive an idea….you might be looking for a crypto wallet that can store your funds and help you in organizing your crypto wealth by letting them grow in an efficient and effective manner.

If this is the case, or you are tired of struggling to search for a secure wallet with which you can initiate your trade then I am here with an amazing crypto wallet- Coinbase Wallet.

Before we walk through the security features of this wallet, let’s first build an understanding of it by having a quick introduction to it.

Coinbase Wallet- a smart move for your crypto trade and investment

Earlier known as Toshi, this wallet is acquired by the company that holds the Coinbase exchange- a platform that lets you trade in various crypto on a single portfolio.

You might be probably thinking now, that to have this wallet, you should be registered on the above-mentioned crypto exchange. Is it so?

If yes, then you are probably mistaken. You can hold this wallet without having an account on the named exchange. If you want to get the wallet, you can have the app on your Android or iOS mobile devices and get handy control of your crypto funds.

A brief review of the security features of the wallet

Let’s move ahead to know about the security feature of this wallet. As the name implies, wallets are a mode of storing and safeguarding your wealth, so having a detailed analysis of the same becomes quite mandatory.

Calling spade a spade, this wallet has gained a remarkable name in the crypto world with its amazing functionalities. Some of its highlighted security lineaments are as under:

  • Private keys: The wallet safeguards your funds with the help of private keys. These sensitive keys lay on the device, it is installed to add more security to your performance.
  • Supports 2FA: The wallet uses 2FA as an added layer of security to verify that the real owner of the wallet is trying to control the funds. This feature ensures that the control to access the wallet funds rests with the holder only.

Wrapping it up!

To conclude the overall read, we can undoubtedly consider the Coinbase wallet as a legit crypto wallet. Despite being a hot wallet, it follows every possible measure to safeguard the interest of its investors and let them control their wealth in a much more organized and manageable manner. The wallet has a zero hacking history to date, which attracts a large number of investors and this itself defines its security feature.