Crane assisted tree removal can often be quicker, safer, and more efficient when removing large trees, it is the best way forward.

Crane work is required for very large trees that aren’t safe to climb using traditional rigging techniques. It’s a specialised task that requires arborists and skilled crane operators to remove large sections of the tree safely with a crane.

Our Approach


If a tree is diseased or rotten, then it will be unsafe for a tree surgeon to climb and carry out standard sectional felling. Our specialist crane operators support arborists to safely fell the trees, by removing large branches in a controlled and safe manner.

Crane assisted tree removal

There are occasions where tree removal is the only option. The most obvious situation for tree removal is when the tree is dead, dying or dangerous. So where is the benefit to crane assisted tree removal? Safety first. In the scenario of where the tree is dead, it is also brittle. It is not safe to rig the tree because shock loading has the potential to fail, which is perilous for the climber and ground staff.

Crane assisted tree removal is the safest option available. This is a specialist form of tree surgery that we at roots and shoots are professionals at. Cranes for tree surgery is a niche operation which we take care of the selection of the crane company, staff present and timber collection. Dead tree removal is hazardous, crane assisted tree removal reduces those hazards a lot for us. Also crane assisted tree removal makes the job fast and efficient so we cause the least disturbance possible.

The Benefits



It reduces the risk of large falling debris as the crane can support the weight and the controlled removal of large branches. Skilled crane operators and arborists work together to attach timber to the crane and ensure the safe and controlled removal of the tree, often saving time and costs when removing very large trees.

What is the process for crane assisted tree removal?

Firstly, I give a quote and entail in it everything that is included, what tree surgery is involved, what type of crane for tree surgery is used, price always includes removal of brash, branches and wood, down to a low stump. Presuming the customer is happy with the quote, then we book in a date for the tree removal.

On the day of the crane assisted tree removal we all arrive early. Set up time takes a while. Where to put the crane where to put the chipper and tipper vans, where to position timber collection. We don’t do any tree surgery until after 8am, this is when the tree removal begins. Unlike normal tree surgery where we start from the bottom and work our way to the top in the case of crane assisted tree removal we start from the top and work our way down. This is where experience counts. What can the crane cope with, how far away are we from the crane, what type of wood is it, how much does it weigh, what condition is the wood in. You get the picture the list goes on, it is a thinking mans game.

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