Devon rex kittens are known as “poodle cats,” thanks to their wavy coats and intelligent, outgoing personalities. Learn more about owning a Devon rex cat.
Devon rex cats are visually striking and known for their impish faces, tall ears, and slender frames. These wide-eyed cats love to play, climb, and clown around. They're a great fit for engaged owners with lots of time and attention to give. These super social cats absolutely adore people and love making friends, so don't expect them to be quiet and reserved felines.
The Devon rex is a relatively uncommon breed. Potential owners can expect to devon rex price $600–$1000 for a Devon rex kitten from a quality breeder.
The Devon rex has an elven, almost alien-like appearance. She's a medium-size cat, weighing 6–9 pounds and standing about 10–12 inches tall. Her large ears, big eyes, high cheekbones, long neck, and slender body are some of the breed's most obvious traits—aside from the wavy coat, of course.
These curly cuties have fine, wavy coats of hair. Their coats are short all over, but especially short near the head, ears, neck, paws, chest, and abdomen. Their coats come in nearly every available color, including black, blue, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, and white. Devon rex cats can also have tortoiseshell, calico, tabby, pointed, and shaded patterns, amongst others.
And while there's no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic pet, the Devon rex's short and fuzzy fur can be a good fit for a family with allergies. This isn't to say the Devon rex doesn't shed—they do, but their waved hair does help to lessen the amount of loose hairs left behind on furniture and fabric. But before bringing home a Devon rex kitten, spend time with the breed to see how your allergies react.
The Devon rex is often compared to the Cornish rex, and they have similar looks, though the curly coats they have in common are caused by totally different genes. The cornish rex devon rex also tends to have a somewhat longer coat and a face that's more slender.
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