Blacksmithing is the best profession for crafting gear. Plate, mail, axe, mace, sword, and shield users can manufacture their gear. Ulduar and To C dropped some of the best BoE plates forging patterns. Smith can add profitable gear.

At the highest level, tanks can craft Titan Steel Shield Walls, Indestructible Plate Girdles, and Saronite Swordbreakers. Spiked Titan Steel Pedals and Titanium Razor Plates are good for DPS, while Brilliant Titan Steel Pedals are good for healing. These will help any specs prepare for harder raids. All Blacksmiths can craft Eternal Belt Buckles and Titanium Weapon Chains, which are available on AH.

Mining is related to forging as it gathers expensive resources. Although sharing the same original mats with engineering, at level 450, the cost of materials is often prohibitive if you don't collect them yourself, you'll probably need a lot of WOW WotLK Classic Gold to support forging, but you can sell items that create The price is almost always worth it.


Armorsmithing, as the name suggests, mainly manufactures mail and plate armor. The Horde Blacksmith needs to find the Anvil Arturk in Orgrimmar and take the old way to start the chain.

Grumnus Steelshaper of Ironforge made The Art of the Armorsmith, and the same goes for the Alliance. Armorsmithing in WotLK allows players to craft Legplates and Breastplates of Conquest.


Initially, weapon forging was divided into three sub-areas: axe forging, hammer forging, and sword forging. While these differences are still important if you want to make retro gear, they're not as important as they used to be. This is similar to how specialization becomes less important over time. All gear made after TBC that requires a weapon crafting specialization doesn't require you to choose between axes, hammers, and swords.

Find the Borgosh Corebender in Orgrimmar and start the Path of the Weaponsmith to begin the general chain of weapon crafting. Talking to Ironus Coldsteel in Ironforge is the first step in the path of the Alliance Weaponsmith. In WotLK, the Weapon Forging skill allows players to craft the Corrupted Saronite Blade, Corrupted Saronite Wounder, and Saronite Heartbreaker.

How to upgrade Wotlk Classic Blacksmithing?

After skill level 440, first, craft Dread Legplates up to 445, then craft epic gear. While this saves time and resources, epic gear might be worth it.
Reach 450 and build epic items. Focusing on cheaper epics will help you get your cap faster.

Level 450 unlocks a new epic armor level. These sets require Ulduar's Rune Orb or ToC's Crusader Orb, while earlier components require Frozen Orbs from Heroic Dungeon. Both sets are BoE and can be sold on AH to plate wearers who wish to level up and activate before raiding.

Best Wotlk Blacksmithing Weapons

To craft something with a blacksmith, you need to use a stationary anvil. There are many anvils in Northrend, most of which are located in larger towns. Most of the time, there will be an anvil near the blacksmith or engineering trainer. Blacksmiths also need hammers. Even if you don't have to wear it, it must be in your inventory.

You'll also need to grow many other things to craft Blacksmithing items. Most of these items can be found through mining, but some can be found through other jobs, drops, or vendors. If you don't know how to mine, you can buy the materials you need at the auction house or buy the WotLK items you need from RPGStash.

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