Gear ought to RuneScape gold be: Barrows gloves, from RFD. Dragon boots. Complete slayer helm, black mask until you obtain it. Proselyte armour should you use prayers, barrows in the event that you do not. Whip, try to get a chaotic rapier as soon as possible. Dragon defender, antidragon shield for dragon tasks (DFS is overkill, don't bother with a single ). Amulet of glory, try to acquire a fury as soon as you're able to.

Part of the enjoyment of training Slayer is something new to kill every undertaking, sure, fine. I'm pretty sure eventually prayer potions would run up the cost to where I'm losing money, would not it? By the way, thanks to the advice everyone.

Even with prayer potions you will probably profit from slayer, they are rather cheap. In the drops you need to gain, and if you don't have that then buying Slayer Dart runes from the slayer master for 35 slayer points (you receive 36 for performing 2 jobs from Kuradel) gets you about ~70k that is decent and can add up to a good cash if you invest your money on this instead of cancelling or obstructing tasks.

I'd recommend around 40 or even more atk, 40 or more str and 33 def or more before meleeing it. Rnging it will get u killed cuz u can not weild an anti drag sheild (unless u use bronze bolts using a reg crossbow), which I truly do not advise. Maging it will be awful as buy OSRS gold I read tht it has impressive magic def. . U also need the anti aging drag sheild, as without it, elvarg can hit upto 500 dmg.