Norton Password Manager allows you to create a cloud vault and lets you save the Norton Password Manager data. For every Norton account, you are allowed to create only one cloud vault. A new local vault cannot be created. However, after upgrading to the Norton product, you will be able to move your existing data of the local vault to cloud vault. You cannot access the local vault data when you move the data of Norton Password Manager to cloud vault from local vault. Cloud vault will enable you to use your data of Norton Password Manager when you are traveling or on the go. Make sure that your internet connection is active on the computer in order to access the Norton Password Manager cloud vault that computer.

Create cloud vault from browser

These are the steps you need to follow.

1. Visit your browser.

2. Click on ‘Norton Password Manager’ that can be located at the top-right corner of your browser.

3. Click on ‘Sign In’ in the screen of Norton Password Manager.

4. After this a window will appear, you have to click on ‘Create a new account’.

5. Now, in this window, you need to fill all the details carefully, and then click on ‘Create Account’.

6. Now, a window will appear and show ‘No Vault detected’. Click on Create Vault.

7. After this, in the window where you see ‘Create your vault’. you have to type your desired password, and then click on ‘Next’. One thing make sure that the password created by you must follow the mentioned criteria of creating the password.

8. Now, you just have to type in the desired password, and then click on ‘Next’.

9. After this, you need to enter a hint that will help you in reminding the password, and then click on ‘Create Vault’.

10. Now, you will see a ‘Setup complete’ window, and then click on ‘Go to vault’.

Create cloud vault from Norton

The steps are as follows.

1. Start Norton.

    If you are able to see the window, My Norton, which can be located next to Device Security, and then click on ‘Open’.

2. Now, in the Norton main window, you need to double-click on ‘Internet Security’. and then you will be required to click on “Password Manager’.

3. After this, you will see a ‘Welcome to NortonLifeLock window’. You have to enter your login credentials over there and then click on ‘Sign In’.

You can also click on the link ‘Create a new account’ for the creation of a new Norton account, in case you have not created that earlier.

4. Now, you will see a window, ‘New vault creation: vault password’, now, in the Vault Password box, you have to type your password, and then click on ‘Next’.

5. After this, it will take you to a window, ‘New vault creation: confirm password’, where you need to type your password again in order to confirm the same, and then you have to click ‘Next’.

6. Now, in the ‘New vault creation: password hint’ box, you will be required to type a hint in order to make you remind of the password, and then click on ‘Next’.

If you have already taken the backup of your Password Manager data, then click on ‘Import’ and after that select the backed-up file in order to merge them to the newly created account.

7. Click on ‘Finish’.

Create cloud vault in Android or iOS

The following steps will help you in creating cloud vault in Android or iOS.

1. You need to log in to the Norton Password Manager application.

2. You will see there a Sign In window. There you need to type the username and password of your Norton account.

3. After this, Click on ‘Sign In’ and then you need to follow the instructions coming on your screen.

These are the steps that you can follow on your browser, Norton, Android, and iOS devices in order to create a Norton Password Manager cloud vault.

Source: Create Norton Password Manager cloud vault