Audemars Piguet Launches 20 Royal Oak Self-Winding Rainbow Watches

Audemars Piguet provides launched a new Royal Oak self-winding Swiss replica watches review , the new watch will be inlaid with colored gems and is available in 41mm along with 37mm sizes.


The new watches are created simply by Audemars Piguet in effort with the Geneva company Salanitro, a leader in jewelry design and gem setting. The truth is made of white gold with 861 alligator gems for the 41mm version and 790 jewels for the 37mm version. Just about all gemstones are hand-selected in addition to custom-cut, with strict top quality control to ensure perfect concord, unanimity. It is reported that the inventory of gemstones alone had taken about a year.


The new timepieces feature dark red, emerald and blue blue models, and are also available in tanzanite, yellow chrysoberyl, pink tourmaline, amethyst, blue topaz, lemon spinel and tsavorite. Call, bezel, crown and necklace are 100% paved using precious stones. Automatic replica watches


The 41mm model is equipped with the 4309 movement, while the 37mm design is equipped with the 5909 movements. Regardless of case size or perhaps movement model, all watches are equipped with Audemars Piguet's specific 50th anniversary oscillating excess weight.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatic Watch

Model: 41mm : 15514BC. AY. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. EE. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. RR. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. RY. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. SE. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. SS. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. TF. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. TM. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. TO. 1284BC. 01, 15514BC. TV. 1284BC. 01

37mm - 15554BC. AY. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. EE. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. RR. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. RY. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. SE. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. SS. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. TF. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. TM. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. TO. 1274BC. 01, 15554BC. TV. 1274BC. 01


Diameter: 41mm; 37mm

Thickness: 11. 6mm; 10mm

Case substance: white gold

Dial Shades: Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Yellowish Chrysoberyl, Orange Spinel, Azure Sapphire, Tanzanite, Pink Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, Tsavorite

Fluorescence: Pointer

Water-proof: 20 meters

Necklace: 18K white gold bracelet established with baguette-cut stones, having AP folding clasp


Movement: 4309 (41mm); 5909 (37mm)

Capabilities: hours, minutes, seconds

Diameter: 32mm; 26. 2mm

Thickness: 4. 9mm; 4mm

Dynamic storage area: 70 hours; 60 several hours

Winding: Automatic

Vibration frequency: 28, 700 vibrations/hour (4 Hz)


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