Here, we will discuss Norton AntiVirus Plus and its features. What do you mean by Norton AntiVirus Plus, and what are the features of Norton AntiVirus Plus?

Norton does not need any promotion. It is a well-understood fact and has been stated many times by cyber experts that Norton is one of the best brands of anti-virus that is available in the market. It offers varying types of Norton products and cybersecurity assistance, which can be decided by the user depending upon the budget and requirements.

It has been said many times that Norton is a touch expensive than other products such as McAfee and Webroot, but people often overlook the fact that Norton offers more value for the money offered. In particular, Norton offers features such as dark-web monitoring, parental controls, instant threat detection, system management portals, back-ups, parental controls, smart firewalls, protection against Trojans, etc.

In this blog, we will mainly focus on the basic package of the Norton AntiVirus, namely, Norton AntiVirus Plus. We will discuss the features and devices on which the antivirus can be activated.

It is anticipated that the blog will guide you in deciding which cybersecurity product is best for your requirements.

What Do We Mean by Norton AntiVirus Plus?     

Norton AntiVirus Plus is the most fundamental package proposed by Norton. You might compare it to Norton 360 suite, but it is imperative to understand that the latter comes with innumerable further-advanced features such as dark-web monitoring, VPN coverings, and access to obstruct any attempt to open the Webcam of a system in an unauthorized and illegal way. An even advanced version of Norton comes in the form of Norton 360 Deluxe, which enables a user to use the services of Norton on at least five devices.

Another product that is quite critically raved, Norton 360, with the addition of LifeLock Select, attaches a sophisticated feature titled “Identity Theft Protection,” which takes care of services such as credit monitoring.

However, when we speak about Norton AntiVirus Plus, it comes at the prices of almost half of Norton 360 Deluxe. It also provides fewer services than the latter one, but it is the most user-affordable antivirus and comes in handy when you want to ensure basic protections for your system at a low price.

A well-detailed guide published by will give you some idea on which plan you should opt for.

Which Devices Are Suitable for Norton AntiVirus Plus?

The services of Norton AntiVirus Plus can only be availed on one system irrespective of whether it is a Mac or Windows. If you want to make your system more secure, for instance, at a workplace, then you need a license of Norton AntiVirus Plus for each device. Otherwise, just upgrade your plan to Norton 360 Deluxe, which would be a smart decision financially.

It is imperative to heed the fact that Norton AntiVirus Plus cannot be used on smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Some Features of Norton AntiVirus Plus

Norton AntiVirus Plus has all the features that a basic antivirus tool must entail.

1) Antivirus Scanning: With Norton Antivirus Plus activated in your system, you can detect the presence of malware, spyware, ransomware, and other viruses. It contains all three types of scanning techniques, i.e., quick scan, full scan, and custom scan.

2) Cyber Protection: You will be given an option to use Norton’s browser, which will automatically guard you when surfing online. However, if you choose to use other browsers, such as Google Chrome, Norton will try to block all unsecure links there as well.

3) Smart Firewall: Norton will inform you whenever a source from the Internet makes an attempt to access your documents.

4) Password Manager: You no longer need to brainstorm ideas for your passwords. Norton AntiVirus Plus has a unique password manager feature, which will create passwords for free, and also store them for your future purposes.

5) Cloud Backup: You can create a backup of all your important files and documents by using Norton cloud storage, which will offer you 2GB of cloud-powered storage space. All the information will remain safe even if ransomware captures your system.

6) Money Refund: Suppose, if your system does get affected by a virus even in the midst of an activated antivirus, then you will be given a refund from Norton.


Norton AntiVirus Plus is one of the top-rated antivirus tools and has earned its place in’s list of top 10 Windows antivirus programs. It is the best solution for those who want to secure their system at a low-cost and do not want to go for antiviruses like McAfee and Webroot.

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