Within a few emails, Jagex decided I was the owner of the account. When I left off, my account was not that amazing, it had a few million, a few pieces of barrows armour and OSRS gold a few random parts of armour and weaponry, and normally a bank full of crap and quest items,along with moderate level stats, involving level 40 and 90.

When I was setting my email to my account, establishing recovery questions and JAG protector item, composing new passwords, I was considering what my account would look like once I logged . Well, I was expecting nothing, really. The same stats, but with a vacant bank, emptied by what I thought would happen to be gp-sellers.

Well, I couldn't have been more incorrect. I logged into an account with excellent riches. Roughly half the skills were 99, and all of them were above level 80. I have not even accessed (my?) Bank yet because it having a trap, but the wealth of exactly what the character was sporting alone was 544 million. This comprised a"drygore" weapon, amongst other pieces of gear. The accounts also had recurring membership (I cancelled it).

Now, I don't have any clue what to do. I understand it was my accounts originally, and that I was the man who began it and saw it to level 100 battle, but the thought that some guy, however he managed to cheap RS gold get my accounts, place so much time and effort to the accounts, probably more than what I ever did, is catastrophic, and it makes me feel pretty guilty for regaining my accounts out of curiosity. So, eer, if you're still reading, do you have some suggestions?