But, it's not 2K MT evident in his overall 2K23 or his perimeter defense rating. His overall rating didn't increase from 2K22 but was 83. Additionally, his defensive rating for the perimeter is at 82 (A-minus) which is second in the league behind Chris Paul's 90. If he was a second-place finisher in the Defensive Players of the Year voting last year these two numbers ought to be higher.

Moving on to one of the players that is under-rated in the NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kenrich Williams comes next for two reasons. One is defense on the perimeter, where the 27 year-old has built his name in Oklahoma. He's determined, difficult to beat in the attack and tough in one-onone situations and, in general, much more efficient than he's given credit for. He's in the ninth spot on the team in defensive perimeter behind players like Ty Jerome and Aleksej Poku?evski which isn't a good thing.

On the other hand Williams has the fifth best 3-point percentage on the team even though he was ranked 10th overall in 3-point percentage last season. His 3-point percentage was 33.9% . 0.8 per game. Williams' profile may not be Buy NBA 2K MT fully accurate, but the figure of 75 overall score is an acceptable starting point (even the fact that it should to be higher than 77).