Computers are used for many purposes, including official work, to play games, video editing, software development, graphics design, and many more. Most of the work on a PC requires Internet connectivity and it’s very irritating when you lost it. Well, I’m sure that you have already faced or are facing this problem right now. Well, whatever your reason is, here are the tips to resolve the internet connectivity issue on your PC.

Check the Internet and Power

When you use a router for the long term, it becomes dusty and makes the currents unstable and flutters. Don’t forget to check the internet cord in order to check if it is plugged correctly into the device.

Turn Off and Restart the Router

Well, it’s a very basic and quite popular way to restore network and internet speed. Turning the router helps the device get cooler and become more stable in terms of network connectivity. You don’t need to turn your router for a longer time, you can do it for around 30 seconds to 1 minute. This procedure works most of the time; however, if it doesn’t work, then please contact your service provider.

Forget the Connected WiFi Network

Well, it’s quite an easy but very effective method to boost internet connectivity. It works similarly to any software does. Sometimes mobile applications stop working properly, and we just clear cache and data and it again starts working. In the same way, you just need to forget the connected WiFi network and then join it again with your PC. To do this, open WiFi settings and click right on the desired network and you will find an option to Forget the WiFi, click on it. Now again go to the same network, click and enter the password. That’s all, you are ready to go now.

Use the Debugging Tool

Windows has a debugging tool, it’s basically self-error detection and correction. Windows has the ability to find and correct the errors that are stopping it from working properly. In order to enable this feature, you will have to go to the Settings and open Update & Security, now click on the Troubleshooter and then open Incoming Connections, now Run the Troubleshooter. Once you are done with it, the issues will automatically be resolved and you will be able to use the internet connection on your PC again.

Turn Off Firewall

This feature basically helps your PC block irrelevant websites and viruses so that you won’t face any problems while using Windows. It’s undoubtedly a great tool, but sometimes it prevents your computer from connecting to the internet, it occurs due to misunderstanding or technical errors. So it could be the reason for not connecting the internet to your device, but you can fix it by turning it off. You just need to follow these steps; open the Settings, click on Windows Security, then go to Firewall & Network Protection. Now you will get a Private Network option; click on it and turn off the Microsoft Defender Firewall.

Update the Driver

The driver can also be responsible for causing problems in the internet connection when it becomes too old. But you can fix it by updating the driver. You just need to go to the Device Manager; you can search for it on the Windows search bar. Once it’s open, select the Internet Driver and update it.

Inactive the Third-Party Antivirus

Well, for general users, an antivirus app is useless because Windows Defender is itself capable enough to protect your PC from any usual viruses. Sometimes a third-party antivirus app can stop you from accessing the internet, stopping the app can help you access the internet.

These are all the tips that you can follow to resolve the internet connectivity issue. I hope the information given in the article will be useful to you. Thank you for reading it. Have a great day!

Source: The Internet Connectivity Issue on Your PC