Because there is such a wide variety of bathroom wash basin taps finish styles and types on the market today, there are many possibilities to complement your space. To give you an idea of ​​the products available, here are some of the main types of bathroom sink faucets you can choose from.

center faucet

One of the most common types of bathroom vanity faucets is the center-mounted. These fixtures are designed for pots with three cutouts, usually a spout in the center, and a handle on each side. Available in a variety of finishes, these faucets are a great choice when you want to keep things simple and timeless.

single tap

As the name suggests, single-lever faucets have a handle or lever that you can use to control water temperature and pressure. These faucets are usually installed in sinks with a hole or two. However, they can also be used with basins that have extra openings - you just cover them with a mounting plate.

bridge faucet

If you like the look of a traditional bathroom sink faucet, one option you might consider is a bridge faucet. This style is suitable for industrial or rustic designs as it combines old-fashioned taste with a modern touch. It's defined as having all the components - levers and taps - connected to one section. Popular in under-counter sinks, bridge faucets mount directly on the counter for easier cleaning.

modern faucet

The crowning jewel of any modern bathroom is the modern bathroom sink faucet it contains. Complement the finishes you've already chosen by choosing faucets that coordinate and bring the entire room together. From square and minimal to matte and black, each modern fixture offers incredible style to your space.

traditional style faucet

If you're drawn to timeless, classic style in your bathroom, you'll want to explore the many traditional bathroom sink faucets available. The pieces come in a range of finishes, from Sterling to Brushed Nickel. Get inspired and choose the one that best suits your design scheme.

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