James Vines from the Techrim website has talked in detail about this problem. So, if you want to know about the security error of Norton Antivirus in detail, log on to thetechrim.com.

This blog is a brief description of the security error that occurs in Norton Antivirus.

According to Vines, the error usually occurs where there is another cybersecurity product is in play. Once you encounter this error, first and foremost, verify that your product has been updated with the newest version.

If you want to specifically solve the problem, which is designated as Norton error 8504 104, first of all, you have to delete all the non-Norton-designated security folders from your device. After that, if the problem stays, proceed to reboot your device.

Norton is an expensive antivirus product, but it offers more value for the money it demands. The most high-tech general features of Norton antivirus comprise dark-web monitoring, system management controls, VPN, encryption-based storage, smart firewall, and real-time detection.

Norton antivirus closely checks your web-activity and the files you feed into your system, and detects the presence of any unsecure file, and removes it without any hesitation.

However, there are instances when Norton antivirus does not work properly. It displays an error message every time you proceed to click on its icon present on the desktop. James Vines states that to solve this problem, a user can proceed to re-activate the product using the activation codes he or she has obtained while buying.

Norton has reported that sometimes errors do emerge in your PC, courtesy of the Download manager application of Norton. Norton has clearly stated previously that incomplete downloads or hindered downloads obstruct the seamless working of the antivirus if not halting it completely.

In order to solve the above-stated problem, you can proceed to click on the Download manager application, retype the code, and initiate the installation and activation process once again.

What Do We Mean By Security Error?

If you want to know about the error in detail, log on to support.norton.com, understand the cause of the problem, and follow the guidelines to solve them.

According to Norton, it occurs because of the presence of another activated information security product in your system or the incomplete installation of antivirus updates. The quickest way to fix security error is to delete all the other system security files which do not belong to the Norton package.

James Vines has also recommended the following steps to solve the problems.

1) Proceed to enter the home screen of the Norton antivirus. Then enter your product.

2) Click on the Open choice, which you will locate after Device Security. Once you find it, proceed to double hit on the Security option.

3) Proceed to click on the LiveUpdate option, and kindly wait until the update installation concludes.

4) Once the update has been installed, proceed to click on the “Ok” option.

5) Restart the computer only when you are sure that updates have been installed.

After these steps, if the Security error still remains in your system, you can proceed to follow the following steps.

1) Initiate the Download process of Norton Removal, and reinstall the application, which you can find on the official website.

2) Run the application on your system.

3) Proceed to click on “Remove&amp. Then, choose the reinstallation option.

4) Choose the Continue option.

5) Click on “Restart Now” and wait.


The “Security Error” of Norton Antivirus is one of the prevalent errors that users of Norton often face. However, the solution is highly simple and can be adopted within minutes. The above steps will comprehensively solve the problem; however, if there any other errors such as “backup error,” log on to support.norton.com or log on to thetechrim.com.

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