Well, I could not have been more incorrect. I logged into RuneScape gold an account with excellent wealth. Roughly half the skills were 99, and all them were over level 80. I haven't even accessed (my?) Bank yet due it having a pin, but the wealth of what the character was wearing alone was 544 million. This comprised a"drygore" weapon, amongst other pieces of gear. The accounts had recurring membership (I cancelled it).

Today, I don't have any clue what to do. Personally, I have no emotional attachment to the game nor accounts, nor the pixels themselves. I understand it was my account initially, and that I was the man who began it and watched it through it to level 100 combat, but the idea that some guy, however he managed to receive my accounts, put so much time and effort to the account, probably more than what I ever did, is catastrophic, and it makes me feel pretty guilty for regaining my account out of curiosity. So, eer, even if you are still studying, do you have some suggestions?

I am about to find another chaotic and I was wondering which would be more useful . As of now I'm deciding between the chaotic staff and chaotic maul. I already have rapier/long sword and I'm fine with the ee offhand for that. I've SOL and I have wand of treachary/grifolic orb. I also possess a BGS. The reason I wanted a cmaul is merely so that I could have a 2h t80 weapon and because I'd like to have crush weapons for certain slayer tasks.

The reason why I want a team is because right now I am mainly using wand/orb. I'm not positive if it's faster than SOL but I have not really tested it. Would a Chaotic staff be faster compared to wand/orb combo and the SOL? At this time I'm only slaying, but I'd like to begin bossing again soon but I'll want to use chaotics until I purchase drygores. Ive already been maging bandos with wand/orb utilizing blood barrage dual cast and I am having no issues. Can a cstaff be efficient? And where could a cmaul be helpful at for bossing?

Hi everyone, been away RuneScape for a few years now but chose to return about a month ago today. Since then, I have been questing and wish to work on training my array level. In all honesty, I've probably been doing that'wrong' as I'm not sure what may have changed there because the EoC, as I wasn't around for it! Haha. My issue is, at level 57 ranged and hoping to reach at least 70, what would you guys recommend concerning equipment to use and OSRS buy gold what to train ?