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  • Types of leather
  • How is leather made?
  • Why Are Leather Jackets So Expensive?
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Types of leather

For those who are new to the industry, understanding and recognizing the differences between the various varieties of leather is particularly challenging. The leather grades are influenced by the layer of the hide, the tanning process, and the combination of materials. You can get all types of leather material products from one of the best manufacturers of leather, RP ComTrade.

The top five leather categories are as follows:

1. Full-grain leather

The outer layer of the hide, which has tightly packed fibers, is used to create full-grain leather, which has a finer grain. Usually, the hide’s hair was the sole part that was removed, leaving the material with its inherent faults. Full-grain leather that is flawless is regarded to be rare in the leather products sector and is therefore highly appreciated.

2. Top-grain leather

Nearly identical to a full-grain leather cut is a top-grain leather cut. Top-grain leather is likewise cut from the top layer of the hide. The primary distinction is that top-grain leather has had any imperfections sanded or burnished out. Leather that is produced using the sanding technique is simple to color and shape.

3. Genuine leather

There are no requirements for making genuine leather, which can be created from any layer of the hide. Any imperfections in the hide are removed by buffing or sanding the leather. Genuine leather is frequently used in the production of belts, clothing, shoes, and other fashion accessories.

4. Split-grain leather

From the innermost layers of the hide, split-grain leather is produced. It is referred to as “split-grain” because the bottom material is used once the hide is separated. Split-grain leather can still be useful in leather items, despite not being as strong as the top or full-grain leather. You have more color and embossing options because of the adaptability of this material. Shoes, handbags, and sofas frequently use split-grain leather.

5. Bonded leather

10% to 90% of leather scraps are used to make bonded leather. Usually, it serves as a filler. The pieces are joined using latex or polyurethane. There is no guarantee of quality like there is with other grades of leather because the amount of leather in each bonded leather material varies greatly.

leather jacket

How is leather made?

One of the factors contributing to the high cost of leather jackets is the manufacturing process. Find out why purchasing a real leather jacket is preferable to purchasing a faux leather jacket. The best results come from a sophisticated and time-consuming process that calls for a trained tanner with accuracy.

Let’s examine the production of leather from beginning to end:

  1. It is necessary to prepare the hide, either manually or with fleshing equipment. Since the material is easily drying out, this process must move swiftly.
  2. The hide needs to be salted after that. The salt prevents the leather from disintegrating, thus this is a very delicate process.
  3. Let’s say that any remaining hair on the hide needs to be plucked. You can carry this out manually or with chemicals like calcium oxide.
  4. The tanning procedure for the hide will now begin. It will be filled with a special tanning solution and inserted into a tanning drum.
  5. By exerting significant pressure on the skins and putting them through rollers, it is possible to eliminate the surplus moisture.
  6. If additional tanning is needed to achieve a smoother leather, it can be done; otherwise, coloring can begin.
  7. For that lovely final design, color is added to the leather during the dying process!
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Why Are Leather Jackets So Expensive?

Leather is one of the first materials that people used to cover themselves. Since people admire leather for its texture, appearance, and tenacity, it has been a pillar of fashion for decades. If you’re out looking for a new jacket, you may have observed that a leather jacket may cost anywhere from $300 to $2,000 on average. Here are a few explanations for why leather jacket price is high.

1. Handcrafted

On the other hand, expensive leather jackets have superb stitching. That’s due to the fact that each one is painstakingly handmade. Manufacturers of leather jackets employ leather-experienced seamstresses. Compared to sewing with other types of fabric, stitching leather is very different. It’s far more difficult to work with and calls for knowledge of specific tools and experience. Not just any employee will be able to assemble a leather jacket flawlessly.

On the other hand, expensive leather jackets have superb stitching. Because they are all meticulously handmade, that is. Manufacturers of leather jackets employ leather-experienced seamstresses. Compared to sewing with other types of fabric, stitching leather is very different. It’s far more difficult to work with and calls for knowledge of specific tools and experience. Not just any employee will be able to assemble a leather jacket flawlessly.

Other reasons:

  • It requires a skilled craftsperson to complete.
  • They, therefore, require higher pay than ordinary seamstresses.
  • If not, they’ll find employment with a business that will pay them more.
  • The original manufacturer, meanwhile, lacks the skilled labor needed to produce high-quality jackets.
  • It takes a long time to make leather coats by hand.
  • A single jacket may take at least a week to complete.
  • That is a significant amount of work and time put into one item.
  • The manufacturer must charge a high price for that goods in order to make a profit.
  • Due to the fact that high-quality leather jackets are typically handcrafted, they are pricey.

2. High-Quality Accessories

The style and type of leather aren’t the only considerations while creating a leather jacket. Additionally important are the zipper and button selections. A leather jacket’s accessories often include pockets, zippers, buttons, and any other small elements that set it distinct from similar garments. Due to their high quality, these additional items might raise the leather jacket price. Leather coats have a lengthy lifespan. They must also have durable zippers and buttons. You can buy the high quality accessories from RP ComTrade, one of the best manufacturers of Leather. 

The best fabrics cost a lot of money because buttons and zippers are typically the weakest parts of any article of clothing. They must make sure the buttons stay on the jacket for many years to come. Must take care to prevent the zippers from snapping or pulling away from the teeth. They will therefore utilize pricey materials to create sturdy accessories. All of those accents were made by hand and were attached to the jacket by hand.

A jacket will cost extra because it will take longer to make because it has more accessories. Because they raise the cost of production, accessories raise the leather jacket price. Expect to pay a lot of money if you want a leather jacket with carbon fiber zippers or buttons, for instance.

3. Marketing

Marketing expenses are another factor in the price of leather jackets. Despite the fact that leather jackets are a luxury item, several businesses are competing to sell them. Each business ends up spending a lot of money on marketing as a result of the intense rivalry. To get people to buy their products, businesses frequently employ the same marketing strategies. Since leather coats are expensive, their advertisements frequently feature expensive settings. Additionally, they spend a lot of money hiring great people to appear in their advertisements wearing their jackets.

Musicians, actors, and even athletes frequently appear in commercials sporting leather jackets. Similar to advertisements for cologne or perfume, leather jackets aim to persuade the public with a certain message or image. They want you to identify with the star they portray in their advertising. If you purchase their leather jacket, you will look just as stylish or cool as that star. These ads or marketing techniques are not inexpensive.

Know more about this:

They must fly the cast and crew to these opulent settings, which can be expensive in and of itself. Then there are all the expenses related to producing a commercial. The most expensive expense is paying a celebrity to represent their company and feature in the advertisement. They must hire a specific celebrity who they believe best represents the company if they want their range of jackets to stand out from the competitors. For the ad, that particular celebrity can demand a high fee.

The corporation needs to make enough profit to cover the cost, which normally turns out to be a series of costs since the celebrity typically has a contract that lasts for several months, if not years. They charge a lot for their coats in order to make sure that occurs. The wager is that by enlisting a celebrity, more people will be able to purchase their jackets, increasing earnings. Due to their high marketing expenses, leather coats are pricey.

4. Brand Name

Without a doubt, the brand name has a big impact on how much a leather jacket costs. You can have two identical leather jackets, but you can be sure that the one with the more recognizable brand will also cost more. Building their reputations takes a lot of time and money for brands. They want their identities to be familiar with the luxury sector when it comes to leather jacket brand names. To manufacture the best jackets, they therefore frequently spend a lot of money on the best materials. To make sure their clients get the attention they deserve, they also invest a lot of money in their customer service.

As a result, the company gains a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and selling high-quality goods. This enables them to portray their business in a way that may eventually draw more clients to their items. After some time, consumers develop a sense of trust for the brand and are likely to pay more for a product bearing that name since they understand it to be a high-quality item. Actually, not much distinguishes that garment from a similar jacket made by a lesser-known manufacturer. They most likely employ the same supplies, provide the same maintenance, and their jacket designs might even be comparable. The distinction is that one has done a greater job than the other of establishing its brand name.

Because of the reputation that the brand has built, they are able to raise its pricing. When it comes to some brands, leather jackets are pricey since you’re paying as much for the jacket as you are for the brand.

5. Designer Labels

Designer labels are on the opposing side of branding. These also raise the leather jacket price because buyers will typically pay more if the jacket is made by a well-known designer. RP ComTrade is one illustration of this. They produce a variety of leather jacket styles, all with a contemporary twist. The fact that RP ComTrade prioritizes utilizing the best materials to produce their garments is one of the main reasons why so many people like to purchase their leather jackets from them.

There are further designers who work to advance styles and concepts for leather jackets. The reputations of well-known designers alone can drive up the cost of a leather jacket. Even if a business sells a wide variety of leather jackets, you can be sure that those with a designer name will cost more. They do this because they anticipate that customers will choose a jacket with a designer’s name connected to it over one without.

6. Luxury

Real leather jackets are without a doubt a high-end fashion item. Despite being used for centuries, leather has a reputation for being pricey due to the extensive processing and cost involved in producing leather goods. The high cost of leather jackets places them in the luxury category while most people tend to look for the least expensive clothes accessible. They are firmly classified in that category due to their quality, fashion, and brand name. They are premium goods, thus they come with a luxury price tag by default.

Not everyone should wear leather jackets. They are available for people with a sense of style who wish to stand out from the crowd. Leather jacket prices are high because they are premium items.


Given that leather jackets are a luxury article of apparel, they come at a luxury price. As a result of the procedure’s high production costs, the price. From there, the leather jacket prices are hiking by name brands and designer labels. For more information related to leather, get in touch with one of the best manufacturers of leather, RP ComTrade.