Neodymium magnets are one of the more common neodymium magnets. The Countersunk Neodymium Magnet, also known as the Round Cup, Cup, or RB Magnet, is a powerful mounting magnet that mounts to a steel cup with 90 countersunk holes in the work surface to accommodate standard single-head screw neodymium magnets. Generally, their magnetic holding force is concentrated on the work surface and is significantly stronger than that of individual magnets. Neodymium countersunk magnets can be used in any application that requires high magnetic strength. Widely used in computers, automobiles, motors, electro-acoustic devices, automatic control, magnetic mechanisms, microwave communications, petrochemicals, medical equipment and equipment, and other fields.

  Neodymium rectangular pots with countersunk rectangular pot magnets, also known as channel magnets. Rectangular neodymium magnets with countersunk holes. This rectangular countersink provides a great way to screw strong neodymium magnets into non-magnetic materials such as wood or plastic. The hole is countersunk, which means the top of the wood screw will be flush with the top of the rectangular countersunk magnet.

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