Interim registration is a starting point that will lead you to professional registration. It can give you an advantage, which will help you stay ahead of other recently graduated engineers when applying for jobs.

This registration is open to any aspiring engineer and technician who are in the beginning professional development stage of a career in engineering. Attaining the registration will help you prove your enthusiasm, drive and commitment to your career and the profession and to developing the professional competency necessary for full registration.

Besides that, Interim registration confirms that you have completed the learning necessary to attain underpinning knowledge and understanding for your picked professional title.

For Interim registration, satisfy the following requirements:

You need to join a licensed professional engineering institution or Professional Affiliate with a registration agreement that is related to your engineering discipline and which offers interim registration.

Take up an evaluation by that professional engineering institution to make sure that you have attained the underpinning knowledge and understanding necessary for your chosen professional title.

After a positive assessment, your institution will make an Interim registration application to the Engineering Council, which will grant you with an interim registration certificate for the related professional title.

Learning that is required for this registration includes formal qualifications that have accreditation or approval from the Engineering Council, or have recognition under one of the international engineering education accords and individually evaluated learning.

If having a formal qualification in engineering, check if it is approved or accredited by the Engineering Council by checking one of the databases of engineering degrees or technicians and qualifications or apprenticeships. Hire an Interim registration competency report writing expert to know more about this.

To be kept in mind: Not every institution provides interim registration. if having the desire to become an interim registrant, you need to contact your institution to know if it offers this option or not.

What happens next?

When you have shown that you have the underpinning knowledge and understanding, attaining full professional registration will involve the development of your knowledge, competency and understanding of engineering principles by means of work experience.

In other words, if you choose the Interim CEng pathway, then you can start your journey which will lead to you Chartership. That’s why this status is a very good starting point.