Gear transmission refers to a device that transmits motion and power by gear pairs. It is the most widely used mechanical transmission method in various modern equipment. It has relatively accurate transmission, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation, and long service life.

  Gear transmission is realized by turning the driven gear in turn through the driving gear, and one of its basic requirements is that the ratio of its instantaneous angular velocity needs to remain unchanged. The main characteristics of gear transmission can be summarized as follows: 1. Wide range of applicable peripheral speed and power; 2. Accurate, stable transmission ratio and high efficiency; 3. High working reliability and long service life; 4. Parallel shaft, The transmission between the intersecting axis at any angle and the intersecting axis at any angle; 5. It requires high manufacturing and installation accuracy, and the cost is high; 6. It is not suitable for transmission between two axes at long distances.

  Gear transmission is used to transmit the motion and power between any two axes in space. According to the relative motion of the two gears, it is plane motion or space motion. The type of gear transmission can be divided into two categories: plane gear transmission and space gear transmission.

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