Another attribute to player growth deals with player traits. Traits are slightly different from regular attributes, as they are either on or off; there is no middle ground. For example, a player is either prone to injury FIFA 23 coins, or he isn't. What sets traits apart from normal attributes is that there is a risk for each trait you choose to activate or deactivate. You can, for instance, choose to make a particular player more prone to injury, for example, and reap the reward of an instant bonus of experience points to spend as you see fit. Of course, even with those new points, your player might suffer a season-ending injury at any time. Conversely, choosing a beneficial trait for your player will cost you experience points.

Stat tracking in FIFA 23 for the Xbox 360 covers more than just player attributes and traits, however. The increased processing power and memory of the next-gen console is allowing for a truly ludicrous amount of in-game stats to be tracked by the game. There's your standard stuff, such as shots taken by a player and number of passes made and attempted, but the game also records every individual dribble path each player on the team made and where it happened on the field (and whether it resulted in a successful pass or that player losing the ball). 

If you want to know the number of yards a player has traveled with the ball over the course of the season, FIFA 23 will be able to tell you. Beyond using this kind of information for scouting purposes, one particularly cool use for this obsessive attention to stats will be when playing a game with a buddy, where both players are playing on the same team. Now, you'll be able to see exactly who contributed what to your winning (or losing) effort. Feel like your partner didn't pull his weight in your last game? Now you'll be able to prove it with hard, irrefutable data.

Few series capture the passion of their sport better than FIFA.

One thing that the FIFA series has been able to nail for a while now is the manic, passionate football atmosphere that makes FIFA one of the most popular sports in the world. The sounds of the massive crowds in the game are front and c, and you'll likely hear songs and chants from your favorite clubs when playing with them in the game. The commentary duo of Martin Tyler and Andy Gray will handle play-calling duties in FIFA 23, and they seem like a lively pair in the booth.

Beyond the quickplay and manager modes, FIFA 23 will also see the return of the popular lounge mode, which debuted in FIFA 23; online multiplayer support for up to four players (two per team); and a challenge mode, which will include 10 levels of gameplay comprised of 8 to 10 skills challenges per level buy FUT 23 coins. We expect to see more on FIFA 23 later this month--the game will be playable at Microsoft's X06 event--and we'll be bringing you more on the game then.