There are PoE Goods currently more than 150 distinct channels in Path of Exile and some of them have unique versions with special/interesting mechanics and experiences. The maps are divided into tiers, starting from Tier 1 (T1) into Tier 16 (T16). You start with Tier 1 channels in the outer corners of the Atlas and progress to higher grade maps with tougher monsters and bosses. Each of the guardians drops their respective fragment and 4 fragments (each from different guardian) opens up a portal site to Shaper's Realm that's one of the toughest boss experiences in the sport. Shaper drops exclusive unique items you can only get from murdering him so he could be rewarding to farm.

Following War for Your Atlas growth, new manager has been introduced that is connected with maps -- Elder. Shaper and Elder now battle for influence on the atlas and you're able to assist the influence of another or one to disperse. Spreading the effect may benefit you since maps onto the atlas that are influenced by Shaper can drop shaped items and maps influenced by Elder can fall elder items. Shaped and older items are strong rare items with mods that you cannot usually get on infrequent items. To help spread the effect of one or the other, you have to complete the maps of the opposite influence. For example -- when I desired for Elder influence to grow, I would need to finish maps using Shaper influence on them.

Shaper's influence will start on the atlas by default, but a lot of them have been wondering -- How do I get Elder influence on the atlas? When you accomplish that, Elder sway will start to show up about the atlas and you may choose what to do .

If you have disperse the Elder influence a lot, his guardians and Elder himself will probably begin to look on the atlas. In the picture below you can view his guardians show up on the Cheap PoE Currency atlas and Elder influence spread out.