The upper texture is outstanding! Air Jordan Shoes 2021 The new Nike Air Max 95 cool black color is exposed! As Nike’s classic retro shoes, Air Max 95 has always been loved by the majority of shoe fans. It has been 20 years since Air Max 95 came out. With its neon yellow color and design inspiration of human anatomy, it has firmly captured the eyes of the world. Land has changed the pattern of footwear design. How has it evolved over the past 20 years?
Shoe designer Ben Yun through the integration of innovative characteristics and remodeling design, in-depth analysis of the structure of the shoe body, determined to innovate classic shoes. In the process of conceiving and designing, Yun carefully observed the first year Air Max 95 shoe shape, and the first word that came to his mind was "strong strength." "For me, things that are powerful can particularly move me. When I saw the 1995 shoes, I thought to myself,'Wow, this design is particularly masculine, like a beast ready to go. ''"Based on this impression, Yun decided to explore the internal structure of the 95 version of the shoe. After eight rounds of modifications to the prototype, Yun decided to use an integrated braided upper and a hollow injection-molded Phylon Air sole to reduce the weight of the shoe by 42.5 grams. In order to reduce waste, the tongue inspired by OG is made of jacquard trim. In order to highlight the characteristics, Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard is equipped with eye-catching Magwire holes on the upper. The unique wiring mechanism enables the shoe body to completely wrap the foot, creating a dynamic fit effect. The Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard came out, highlighting the 20-year innovation history of the Air Max series of shoes and becoming Nike's lightest Air Max 95 shoe to date.
Recently, a new color scheme is about to usher in, the body of the shoe is black and gray, and the high-end fabrics directly fill the texture! The entire pair of shoes is made of mesh cloth, cotton, linen and suede and other materials to make the upper, which not only highlights the texture, but also enhances the layering of the entire pair of shoes. The low-key and versatile color scheme has attracted many players' attention to the entire pair of shoes. Presumably, the follow-up effect will be good! The classic transparent visible Air Max cushion is also retained on these shoes. At present, this new color matching Air Max 95 is on sale, the purchase link: Air Max 95 "Iron Grey" DM2816-001