Making a backup plan for your data is really very important, it ensures you against unexpected events and also restores your data after an online attack. In this article, we have listed the 5 safe ways to back up your files, both online as well as offline. So without wasting our precious time, let’s get started.

Copy Your Files to a USB Stick

Well, USB drives are not too expensive, anybody can afford them. Besides that, they are very compatible so you can carry them anywhere you want without any problem. The best thing about USB drives is that they work on Windows, iOS, and even smartphones. But to use it with a smartphone, you will require a data cable. But keep them very carefully because they are very small so you can lose them very easily. Otherwise, they are great for storing data.

Back-Up to a CD or DVD

Well, it’s quite an old-fashioned way but still effective. You can simply transfer your data to a CD, DVD, or even Blu-ray. They are also very compatible so you can carry them wherever you want. But keep in mind that they are too venerable so you will have to be careful about it. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic way to make a backup of your important files or data.

External Hard Drives

External hard drives an excellent way to store your data. They are comparatively a lot faster than CD drives and USB sticks, and they are portable too. And the best thing about external drives is that they offer you a lot more storage space for your files. Nowadays, most external hard drives come with USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfer. Well, external hard drives are not like other storage devices, they are quite expensive and also have a risk of failure. Solid State Drive (SSD) is a better option than the external hard drive, SSDs are even more durable as well as faster than external hard drives. I would recommend you go for an SSD, but an external hard drive is not a bad choice either.

Print Out Physical Copies

Having hard copies of your text and other documents is also a great way to secure data. So if you invest your money in a good-quality printer, you will be able to save most of your documents in physical form. Well, physical copies take some space but you will not have to worry about online threats at least.

Get a NAS Device

NAS stands for Network-Attached Storage; it is another great way to store your data on a completely separate device that you can access from any other device which is connected to NAS’ own network. It sounds quite strange, but it mostly works as external hardware, the only difference is it has a built-in wireless network. A NAS device is great to connect your office files to your home devices or vice versa. Besides that, it doesn’t include any third-party involvement that means your data is completely safe here.

These are all the 5 ways that we recommend you try in order to save your important files or make a backup of your data. That’s all for this article. I hope you liked it. Thank you for reading it. Have a great day!

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