Nowadays, smartphones and laptops have become essential tools for us and without them, we can’t even imagine our lives. We perform a variety of tasks on a daily basis using these devices. However, there are a few things that we generally do with our smartphones and laptops that harm them very badly. In this article, we will look at the 5 major causes that harm our smartphones and laptops very badly. So without spending much more time on the introduction, let’s get started.

Using Your Phone and Laptop to 0% and then Charge Them

Many people have a habit of using smartphones and laptops until they completely get discharged, and then they plug them in for charging. Well, it’s really very harmful to your smartphones as well as laptops. When your device’s battery completely gets discharged, a chemical reaction starts taking place in it that eventually reduces the battery life of the device. So you should stop using your device and charge it immediately when its battery capacity is 30% or low in order to protect your device’s battery from deterioration.

Over Charging

Most of the smartphones and laptops available now in the market contain Lithium-ion batteries that get easily hot while charging. So if you continuously charge your device for too long, it will heat your device and will harm its internal system components. Well, nowadays companies are using trickle charging technology that helps your device stop taking input when the battery is 100% charged. However, the device has to perform some background tasks in order to stop taking input while the charger is connected which also consumes power. So if you overcharge your device or let it discharge completely for a longer time, it will shorten your device’s battery life.

Charge Your Smartphone or Laptop While You are Using It

This one is one of the major causes for shortening the battery life of someone’s smartphone or laptop. If you really care for your device’s battery life and want it to run for a longer period, I will strongly suggest you stop using it while charging.

Put Your Laptop on Lap or a Pillow While Using It

Many people have a habit of placing the laptops on pillows or their laps while using them. As we all know that a laptop needs to ventilate itself in order to maintain the temperature. But when you place it on your lap or a pillow, it hides the laptop’s ventilation holes and causes heat up that eventually damages the battery of the device. However, you can use a bracket or fan in order to keep your laptop cool, if you want to avoid this problem and protect your device.

Using Your Laptop Outdoors for too long

Laptops are really very compatible and specially designed to carry and use anywhere. However, if you expose your laptop to the sunlight for a longer period, it will directly affect the color production of your laptop’s display as well as Internal components. In addition to it, when you use your laptop outdoors, dust particles enter through the device’s ventilation pores and cause problems in ventilation that again affect the battery performance.

So, if you really wanted to increase the life of your smartphone or laptop, I would strongly recommend you to give up all the 5 habits mentioned above.

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