There is a lot going on in the wardrobe. If you bet on open shelves and clothes racks and keep your wardrobe items visible, the feeling of chaos is easy to feel. Therefore, when arranging a room, it is worth choosing a muted color palette that will be a good backdrop for a collection of clothes.

What colors to choose to decorate the attic wardrobe? In practice, whites and light shades of beige and gray work great. First of all, these colors go well with other colors, so you can easily decorate the entire interior. Secondly, bright colors reflect light, which is especially important if the wardrobe is a room with a small window or no window at all.

Dressing room - accessories
A well-furnished attic wardrobe may have a mirror. If the room is spacious enough, a large wall or standing mirror is a good idea. This type looks spectacular and emphasizes the character of the room. An alternative solution is a wardrobe door with a mirror - this way you save valuable space.

Even if your wardrobe is small, don't forget to include a mirror in your wardrobe and for decorative reasons. The mirrored panel reflects light, making the room appear larger and brighter.

If you opt for open shelves and clothes rails, it is worth picking up hangers in the same color, such as white plastic or wood. This will make your wardrobe look much better. Another trick that will further increase the decorative value of the entire composition is the color grouping of clothes. And although this may seem like a difficult decision, it is worth betting on it. Thanks to this, everything will look solid and aesthetically pleasing.

When planning your wardrobe in the attic, you also need to make sure that the interior fits your needs. The number of shelves, drawers, railings and their size must be adapted to the nature of the wardrobe. Keep in mind that the wardrobe is the most likely place for additional accessories such as an ironing board, sports equipment, etc. You also need to find a suitable place for these items.

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