Whether it's a shower or a basin faucet, the type of it depends on the spread that already exists in your vanity, unless you're renovating, in which case you can choose whatever spread best suits your needs. As for the finish, you should keep the faucet finish in line with the other metals in your bathroom design. We recommend sticking to the same finishes, or if you want to mix and match, make sure the different finishes are evenly distributed throughout the space. When it comes to style, think about the look you want in your bathroom. If you want a modern look, choose a faucet shape that matches clean lines. For a traditional-style bathroom, a tall arched faucet with a traditional handle may be your best bet

Wall-mounted faucets are great for smaller areas where you need to save counter space. They're also a great modern option, and if you like the look, you can use a round knob instead of a lever handle. Now, if you're replacing an existing wall faucet, they're definitely the hardest to install without basic plumbing knowledge.

The center faucet includes a deck plate that contains the handle and spout on one plate, and can be used with single-hole and 3-hole basins. These are usually the most affordable faucet options and are compatible with vanities and sinks that have a flat surface behind the basin.

Use a single-hole faucet (you guessed it) when there is a hole in the back of the sink or vanity. They usually have a handle, lever, or knob that controls water flow and temperature. These are great for small bathrooms because they take up the least amount of counter space.

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