Rock FM is an independent local radio station based in Manchester, England. Part of the Hits Radio network, it broadcasts music for people living in Manchester and Lancashire, in addition to other parts of North West England. The station plays a wide variety of genres of music. Its main aim is to provide quality music that is appropriate for all ages.

When Rock FM first started, it was a corporate venture. It was owned by Metromedia, which recognized the commercial potential of the format. Within a year and a half, other large media organizations jumped in, including ABC. For a few years, these corporations were willing to tolerate radical community responsiveness, as long as the program was well-established and had a mass audience. Ultimately, they balked at this political risk.

Initially, Rock FM started as a San Francisco-based radio station, but soon spread throughout the nation, especially in the Midwest and Northeast. The popularity of rock radio led to the creation of independent FM rock stations in Boston, St. Louis, and Sacramento. In the late 60s, the record industry was booming. Sales of records hit $862 million in 1965.

In Lancashire, Rock FM broadcasts from Preston. The station isn't specialized in the rock genre, but instead plays a wide range of popular music. The daily schedule includes popular hits and mainstream pop music, as well as local news. It also hosts good-tempered talk-shows during the daytime. Rock FM also holds regular competitions and giveaways for its listeners. The Rock FM Cash Register competition, for example, gives listeners the chance to win a variety of prizes.