It’s important to properly clean your gas cooktop burners and ports (you also can use Gas Stove Protector ). Failure to do so may result in flames that will not cook evenly. Before you get started, make sure all of the controls are off and the cooktop is cool.

Here are some tips for cleaning your stove top:

Cleaning Gas Stove Burner Heads

Worst case scenario: It’s been so long since you’ve cleaned your gas stove that you can't even see the burner caps under all that built-up grease. Making sure that the stove is firmly off (basic, but worth double-checking), wipe the burner heads with a damp (not wet) cloth to remove any crumbs. Then use the pointy end of a paper clip or safety pin to scrape any narrow notches and gently poke into the clogged ignition port or burner holes, which is where the gas comes out. Wipe the burner heads again with the damp cloth, then gently scrub with vinegar, which should remove any grease and stains.

Cleaning A Gas Stovetop

This is where all of the previous techniques come together. To clean the surface of your stove, first wipe it down with a damp cloth to collect any bits of food. Then wash with a non-abrasive soapy sponge to get rid of any greasy spots. If the grease has really solidified, whip out that 1:2 vinegar:baking soda mixture once againand spread it on, then let the mixture sit for 10 to 15 minutes before gently scrubbing it off with a soapy sponge. Dry the stovetop with a clean cloth, replace the burner heads and the grates, and pat yourself on the back for your efforts.

Cleaning the Grates

The first step in cleaning your gas stovetop would be to remove the grates. These heavy, cast iron grates may be durable, but they do take a beating while cooking. Spills and other residues get burnt onto the burner every time you use it. Over time, this buildup gets thicker and thicker. This may lead you to believe that getting the grates clean will take a lot of work and require heavy scrubbing.

But, fear not! There is an easy way!

Fill up your sink or a bucket with hot soapy water, using your dish soap. Then place the grates in the soapy water to soak. Then, as they are soaking, mix baking soda with a little bit of water, creating a thick, paste-like substance. Remove the grates from the soapy water and cover them with this baking soda paste. Let them sit for about 20-minutes.

Use a sponge and scrub the residue on the grates and run it under water to clean it off. All debris that was on these burner grates should be removed.

Make this process easier in the future by performing routine care. Fill a spray bottle with plain white vinegar and spray down the burners after each use. Let the vinegar sit on the grates for approximately ten minutes or so, then wipe off. The vinegar does not allow the grease to latch on, keeping your burners cleaner.

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