Kill All The Liars. This is a members-only quest. Prerequisites: For this quest you have to RuneScape gold have beaten Demon Slayer. You need to have 50 magical also. You ought to have the ability to defeat a level 200 demon. Thanks so very much for assisting us shut off Delrith forever and ever. You're very welcome. But I am afraid there's another problem. Problem? What could it be? Delrith... had a dad... his name was Kacnia. Kacnia? Em, yes. I was wondering in the event that you could slay this demon because he is mean and things. Ok, I'll do it. Thanks. Here take this book. It'll tell you everything that you want to know.

You recieve the"Old Book," and if you see it it says:"1 million years back the evils of Zamorak forged an absurdly powerful superhero from the depths of the magic. They called this unstoppable force"Kacnia." But the evils of all Kacnia threatened to overthrow Zamorak's energy, therefore Zamorak secured this monster off in the pit of everlasting agony. Sadly, however, he was not able to do this before Kacnia swallowed using a sheep, making a monster that could be later named"Delrith." In his infinite power, Kacnia stays alive to this day at the pit of everlasting torment. He's stayed held for all these years and will hopfully remain there forever more... forever more..."

Here the book finishes, leaving more queries afterward awnsers. Speak to the Fortune Teller again: Hola. It seems to me like Kacnia's still trapped in this pit? Am I incorrect? Oh, yes, really. But how? No one understands, but it can be assumed he's now even stronger then when he had been banished to the pit. Jesus... Where is this demon now?

where he broke loose in the pit was at the jungle. Our mages have done their best to subdue him, but I am afraid they can not hold him back forever. You must hurry. Ok... Now, you have to walk to the level 43 and you will find a little gap. Take advantage of your rope with it and you will appear in a crazy red room, very similar to if you get the teleportation random event except much larger. There'll be bones all around you and wounded mages with OSRS buy gold different names. You ought to talk to the one called"Fahkayarda."