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Law is a complicated subject that requires a lot of research and understanding. In this section, we will discuss the basics of law and what it entails. Law is a set of rules that are created by the government of a country, typically in order to keep society safe and orderly. A legal system is made up of criminal law, civil law, administrative law, and constitutional law. The goal of criminal law is to protect people from the threat of violent crime by punishing the perpetrators. Civil law focuses on regulating humans' interaction with each other; it focuses on contracts, property rights, torts, and more. Administrative laws are used for governing businesses, corporations, and other entities. Laws that affect individuals often focus on law enforcement and the penal system. A legal system is composed of a collection of laws that are enforced by an institution such as a court or legislature. A legal system's body of laws can be made up of common law, civil law, statutory law, religious law, or hybrid systems that use different combinations available to them.

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