There are three you can pick Maplestory M Mesos, In terms of builds from. What sets this build is the fact that it is so efficient that you can use it when you are somewhat lacking concerning gear. On the flip side, there is the Shadow Cutter and that, unlike the former, doles out greater single-target damage. Its defect, however, is that you can not macro for this. Other than Shadow Burst the namesake ability and Soul Grind will probably become your core abilities. Bear in mind this is a skill cap that is top construct, so be prepared to genuinely play the way you can.

Having discussed everything you want to generate an assassin who will singlehandedly kill the Fire Dragon, let's move to exactly how you're going to have the ability to take it down.Before heading into the dungeon, there are two things that you want to make certain of. To begin with, you bring a pet that does auto-potions so you can spend your time dealing damage rather than healing. your settings are lag-free. The same goes when you go, if a single millisecond of lag may cost you a run using a staff.

You will have the ability to find ledges as the raid begins. Use these to evade a number of his strikes. Besides a means to avoid getting damaged, stepping on the blue areas of the ledge removes the burn status effect.You can also use the ledge when the Fire Dragon tries to strike you with his tail. However, you can either run or perhaps grab onto him, if this is not possible right now. If he fails to hit on the tail against you, he'll use a large-radius attack in three successions. Do not you worry though; it simple to dodge them.

After that stage, he will begin using his infamous breath attack, which he uses one. Yet again, you may use the ledges to ensure you don't get damaged. You could approach him and restart attacking when he's finally done. Be careful since they may be quite debilitating, when you do so. In the end of this first stage, he'll be combining his regular attacks with AOE stun strikes and breath assault. It is simple not to get hit by the two to buy Maple Mobile Mesos, so no worries there! This is true as the Fire Dragon doesn't follow up after that.