Blizzard says the barbershop in World of Warcraft Classic will quickly have more inclusive hairstyles and facial functions, which WOW Classic Gold you'll be in a position to buy with gold

When Wrath of the Lich King arrives for World of Warcraft Classic, it’ll be making a few adjustments to the unique model of the MMORPG’s landmark growth. As we’ve already discovered, dungeon finder received’t be blanketed within the re-release of Wrath Classic. While that feature is going away, there’s a brand new one taking its vicinity: more inclusive character customisation options in the barbershop.

World of Warcraft Classic lead producer Holly Longdale tells us that barbershop customisation will cross well beyond hairstyle while Wrath of the Lich King involves traditional. “We knew we had been going to bring the barbershop returned, however while we had been searching at it, it was literally a barbershop – you could only exchange your hair,” she says. “We’re not tied to that technical hindrance that existed in 2008, so we checked out the spirit of what the barbershop become intended to do, that is to let you express yourself as you need to.”